4 UNION STATES exhibition is a game. Four artists join it.They are:
Florence Obrecht
Axel Pahlavi
Alexej Tchernyi
Wu Zhi

4 artists make12 pictures (painting or drawing on paperl 70~5Ocm)~--so in total 48 pictures. The purpose of the game is to form 12 combinations of 4 pictures.
Each combination contains one picture of each artist. At firstl each artist makes 3 pictures. Those 3 pictures are given to the other 3 artists for developing. Then the second artist will give to the third artist the new combination made by the 2 first pictures for developing. The third artist will give to the fourth artist the new combination made by the 3 pictures for finishing.

This exhibition is a dialoguel a dialogue of visual language. The artists are from different culture background (Chinal Russial France). Now they live and work in Berlin. 4 UNION STATES presents a formal and narrative dialogue.