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About 7 years ago, I emigrated from China to Holland. It’s fair to say it was the turning point of my life. Migrating injected in me a kind of fresh blood and air. Since then I re-examine my identity and history, constantly refreshing and reconstructing signs and symbols. As much inside myself as out of it. Therefore I create a new order by which a sharp contrast is possible between the four ways I respond to my (new) life: my relation to the brutal reality, my fantasies about it, all of my memories of time gone by and my orientation towards art related to the form of a complex structure or landscape.
Along my working line, I focus on identity, objects and environment. I emphasize transference, transmission and transformation. I want to capture crosshatched, dramatic and meaningful visual impacts as a venue for my social concerns and questions.  --- Wu Zhi, 2004.


1972    born in Sichuan of China
2003-2007   lived and worked in Amsterdam
2007-    lives and works in Berlin

1994---1998        free graphic, Sichuan fine arts institute, Bachelor diploma
1999---2002        fine art, Southwest Chinese Normal University, Master diploma

Professional activities

2018 international art exhibition ‘NordArt 2018’ in Büdelsdorf, Germany
international art exhibition ‘Anatomy of A fairy tale’ in Schloss Pörnbach, Germany
2017 solo exhibition, self code, SOMA Gallery, Berlin
group exhibition, Artgeschoss 2017 in Salzgitter Bad, Germany
international art exhibition NordArt 2017 in Büdelsdorf, Germany
shadow-theater performance in Berlin performance week, Ventilator 24, Berlin
group exhibition, ‘Superpower Women NO.2'', Projektraum Ventilator 24, Berlin
group exhibition, Kunstschorle, Projektraum Ventilator 24, Berlin
solo exhibition, 'unfold the folds of reality and time', Projektraum Ventilator 24, Berlin
group exhibition, ' the next step - Der nächste Schritt', Gallery Flox, Dresden
2016 exhibition with Alexej Tchernyi, ''Politic Prisoners'', SOM A Gallery, Berlin
group exhibition , Tokyo Wonder Site Berlin - Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin
group exhibition, ‘Superpower Women' Projektraum Ventilator 24, Berlin
group exhibition, Reinhard, Framstasse 7, Berlin
2015 solo exhibition, *Portraits' Projektraum Ventilator 24, Berlin
group exhibition, Projektraum Venilator 24, Berlin
shadow-theater performance, Uffer Studio !0, Berlin
2014 group exhibition Projektraum Ventilator 24, Berlin
group exhibition ,Galerie Merbecks , Chemnitz, Germany
group exhibition ,Galerie FLOX, Schirgiswalde-Kirschau, Germany
performance , Ambulatorium, Berlin
shadowtheater, KRIM INALGERICHT, Berlin
shadowtheater, Uffer Hallen Berlin
group exhibition, W ESTW ERK Hamburg
group exhibition, Projektraum Ventilator 24 Berlin
group exhibition ,UHRW ERK gallery Berlin
2013 group exhibition, Paläon museum Schönigen
group exhibition ,Dance theater Amsterdam
performance, AMBULATORIUM Berlin
group exhibition , media city, Leipzig
group exhibition , Amsterdam city Archive
2012 exhibition “Screenshot” with Alexej Tchernyi in Gallery UHRWERK, Berlin
group exhibition “Working in progress” in Kunsthouse Tacheles, Berlin
2011    screening film ”Rao Yi Sheng” in Berlinale shorts competition
group exhibition” Hollandse Aquarellistenkring” in Pulchri Studio, Dan Haag,
group exhibition “ Media Pespective” in Chongqing, China
2010 group exhibiton “Youth cult 2010” in Gallery Dada post, Berlin
screening, “Travelling in China with a child” in Gallery UHRWERK, Berlin
solo  exhibition “ Future fighters” in SineDie Project space, Berlin
group exhibiton “ Op de straat” in KUNSTenHUIS, Amsterdam
solo exhibition “ His puppet or mine” in Neonchocolate gallery, Berlin
group exhibiton “ 4 union states” in Gallery UHRWERK, Berlin  
2009 group exhibition “Personal Politic” Photography, Kunsthouse Tacheles, Berlin
group exhibition “Personal Politic” Drawing, Kunsthouse Tacheles, Berlin
screenplaying, “short animation festival”, Kunsthouse Tacheles, Berlin
screenplaying,  “short film evening”, Sprachenatelier, Berlin
group exhibition “Mobile for Kostic”, Gallery UHRWERK, Berlin
group exhibition “Political Prisoners/Politische Gefangene” in Gallery UHRWERK, Berlin
group exhibition “Zweiter Wahlgang"/ "Second Poll” in Vierter stock projektraum berlin
group exhibiton “Allmutter” in Gallery UHRWERK, Berlin
2008 solo exhibition “The Portrait” in Gallery UHRWERK, Berlin
group exhibition” De hollandse Aquarellistenkring” in Kunstlivend, Holland
group exhibition “Big watercolour” in Waterland museum, Holland
solo exhibition “Future fighter” in Gallery Elena.Kolbasina, Berlin
group exhibition “Contaminazioni=Kontaminaktionen”, Kunsthouse Tacheles, Berlin
group exhibition “Contaminazioni=Kontaminaktionen”, EX MACELLO in Padova
group exhibition “TREASURE” in GDK, Gallery der Kunst
2007 group exhibition in Museum Rijswijk, Holland
group exhibition “Fort Europa” in Almere, Holland
solo exhibition “How the way to go home” in Gallery Elena.Kolbasina, Berlin
group exhibition in Köln kunstfilmbiennale