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SineDie Project Room Shows:

Future Fighters 

 oil Painting

 by Wu Zhi

curated by Barbara Fragogna

March 27th to April 25th

SineDie ProjectRoom 4th floor, Tacheles

Oranienburger str.54-56a, 10117 Berlin




DADA POST Presents  Youth Cult 2010

March 20th to April 18th 2010

curated by Howard McCalebb

Nordbahnstasse 10, 13409 Berlin, Germany

+49 30 51 06 02 24

It was an nice exhibition:)))

东游记 (Dong You Ji)/ Journey to the East

It's my draft aboot screening in the Uhrwerk. we forgot to take camera. Now it's edited a bit and added sounds... part by part it will be shown in Vimeo. 






A Project by Agnes Domke      Niina Lehtonen-Braun      Wu Zhi


I made a video for this exhibition, as the document. its sound is my try out.


UHRWERK Gallery   
Soldinerstrasse 103
Berlin, Germany


"Second Poll"/"Zweiter Wahlgang"

vierter stock projektraum berlin                                                      Schererstraße 10, EG rechts                                                                         13347 Berlin (Wedding)

Opening: Saturday, November 21st, at 7 p.m. Exhibition: November 21st – December 5th 2009

Just right after the German elections, vierter stock invites you to „Second Poll“, the exhibition of works by Wu Zhi and Alexej Tchernyi. See Angela Merkel & Co from another point of view! The basis for the artworks have been several posters of the past political campaign for the German Parliament this past September. Both artists were inspired by the omnipresent effect of the posters – after weeks of being confronted with these less expressive, monotone, not-so-well photographed pictures, their artist's soul could not bear it longer and so the artist couple decided to create their own posters – indeed not only multifaceted, but good looking. The result: a series of 37 works. A political motivation is not insight, rather the pure fun for the art – a palpable accent in the works that can be seen through their spontaneity and freedom of thought. “ We've created a scale for this project which gave us space for realizing our spontaneous ideas”. The works can also be seen as collages – the portrait has given the path to follow, though the figure itself has been alienated, covered or totally transformed, leaving room for the new creation.




Political Prisoners/Politische Gefangene


Painting with acrylic on the voting posters by Wu Zhi & Alexej Tchernyi

Friday, October 30, 2009 at 7:00pm
UHRWERK Gallery   
Soldinerstrasse 103
Berlin, Germany

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