• Monster family
  • His puppet or mine
  • New portrait
  • Monsters
  • Round frames
  • Future fighter
  • Secret garden
  • Watercolour portrait
  • Early works
wuzhi wuzhi
wuzhi wuzhi
The works were directly painted on old family photo prints. The old Family photos were transformed into unfamiliar, futuristic scenes. My aim was to show a relationship between people and the environment when time passes by and to re-construct group portraits in a basic social element, such as a family.




I try to depict my toys' dramatic story in my fanticy.


When I was a child, I always imagined who I would become when I grow up. I was inspired by big warriors in human history, who fight for good things, such as protecting poor people or fighting with enemies. So as to say: to be a fighter for goodness is glory and pride of a child.

In this series, I used acrylic to paint on the old children photos. Then, I enlarged them on the canvas by oil color. Bright color, hybrids of perspective and wrong- perspective, adding non-correct spot lighting picture the illusion of children; the work suggests group portraits of children from an individual perspective.

Secret Garden stands in the midle of city, where you can pea.







These 5 pictures were only oil paintings during my students time. Each clue I could work more. But for several years, I lost interest to make painting, because my attention was much more to phylosophy,esthetics, psychology, sociology,and so on.